El Placer (Gold) – Colombia


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Mahlgrad: Ganze Bohnen
Menge: 200g

THREE MARKS COFFEE - El Placer (Gold) – Colombia

Strawberry, Eucalyptus, Kola Nut
Roasted for filter

Located in Quindío at the heart of the Eje Cafetero, Sebastian Ramirez’s farm produces Pink bourbon, Gesha, Wush Wush.
Sebastian focuses his attention in the fermentation process stage and for this he works closely with Q-graders and Q-Processing professionals who follow the fermentation processes closely.
This Coffee was sourced by a collaboration between 4 parties. Hernan Cabra, a recognised Q-processer who works in Ecuador and Colombia, Cata Export from Colombia, Makicuna Coffee from Ecuador and Coffee Farm El Placer.

The Lot
• Harvest and classification of cherries ( 95% ripe and 5% semi-ripe).
• Cherries are placed into tanks to go through an anaerobic fermentation for 100 hours with a constant temperature of 18 °C. CO2 is injected into the tanks.
• Coffee is pulped and goes through a second anaerobic fermentation for 72 hours with CO2.
• A Mosto or lactic acid obtained from bacteria is added at this stage as well as a culture of bacteria from lemongrass trees from El placer. This culture is obtained by isolating certain bacteria that live in plants.
• First drying phase in ‘Elda’ (drying structure) for approximately 20 days at a temperature of 40 C and humidity of 25%.
• Second drying phase in a Parabolic drying polytunnel for approximately 5 days.
• After the coffee has reached the desired humidity and has stabilised, the parchment coffee is threshed and selected by hand to then be packed and shipped.

Origin: Colombia
Producer: Sebastián Ramirez
Area: Calarca, Quindío
Altitude: 1590 – 1740 masl
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Double Anaerobic Fermentation, Carbonic Maceration